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School Board: Graduation Lists; ADA Down; Etc.

At its next meeting (agenda:  the Monrovia Board of Education will ...

~ Congratulate the CIF championship sports teams of Monrovia High School on a championship season and the robotics teams of Clifton MS, Santa Fe CSMS, and Monrovia High School on a successful year.

~ Approve the graduate lists for…
Monrovia High:
Canyon Oaks HIgh:
Mountain Park School:
Monrovia Community Adult School:

~ Receive a report on average daily attendance. Regular ADA is 4,676.58 ( “This year, our attendance percentage at traditional school sites decreased by 4.01% compared to 2019-20, and 4.89% compared to 2020-21.” (

~ Consider contracting with a company called Spyglass to reduce the district’s computer-related communications costs.

~ Consider contracting with a company called SyTech Solutions to scan district paper documents into electronic form.

- Brad Haugaard

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