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Statement of City Council Candidate Dr. Tamala Kelly

I am Dr. Tamala Kelly, a proud Monrovian for over 15 years. I am an associate college professor, the president and founder of a local non-profit organization, a community advocate, a wife, and a mother.

For Monrovia to continue to thrive, we need to invest in working families, our youth, local businesses, and affordable housing. I’m running on several issues that are important to Monrovians:

• I want to ensure city leaders respond to the voices and the needs of the people: That is why I created and hope to continue City wide town hall meeting, where there is open dialogue where community members and City officials come together for information and collaboration. We have held three measure K Town Halls so far.

• I’m running to enhance Public Safety: Our amazing police department is overwhelmed with answering calls regarding societal issues that they are not trained to answer, taking them away from solving crime.  I want to create a community-based response team to address 911 calls for mental illness, drug addiction, and homelessness. 

• I want to ensure people living here can continue to live here: We need affordable housing opportunities, particularly for our seniors, working families and other service workers.

• Preserve and expand Monrovia's natural environment: We need a healthy environment throughout our city, including shade and tress in south Monrovia. We must reinstate Monrovia’s Environmental Accord — 21 action items focused on energy, waste reduction, transportation, environmental health, and water.

• I'm running because Fiscal Responsibility and transparency are important in any organization: Our city must take advantage of other funding, such as the additional $17 million in revenue from Measure K. The City Council decides it will be spent and I am committed to ensuring those funds are spent on programs and initiatives that the people of Monrovia care about.

Working together, we can protect the quality of life that Monrovians have worked so hard for — and ensure that ALL Monrovians have opportunities and a real say in the future of our city. If you care as passionately as I do and if you see a bright future for our city, I’m asking for your vote. Please visit my website

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