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Sasha Zaroyan Announcement of Candidacy for Monrovia City Council

Following is the campaign announcement of Sasha Zaroyan, who is running for the Monrovia City Council. I will post - almost always unedited - a campaign announcement from any City Council candidate who submits one up to within seven days prior to the election. (That restriction because I don't want last-minute zingers that don't give adequate time for opponents to respond.) - Brad Haugaard

"My name is Sasha Zaroyan and I’m running for the Monrovia City Council to be a champion for small businesses, families, and individuals. I’m the only city council candidate that has the experience of pushing for funding for our community to state lawmakers, creating programs that have been proven to reduce inequities for disenfranchised families, and advocating for students and young adults to have a seat at the table. I’ve worked with Monrovian neighbors and public policy experts in creating a platform to solve our most pressing priorities as a community.

When I ran for the Monrovia School Board in 2020, I campaigned on addressing the mental health challenges our students faced and the educational inequities affecting our most disenfranchised communities. More than 7,000 Monrovian neighbors and families agreed: change can’t wait.

Since then, our community has experienced a rise in crime in every neighborhood, an outflow of small businesses leaving our corridors and shopping plazas, and some of the highest housing costs in the San Gabriel Valley. Our city continues to be categorized as a ‘high risk’ for financial distress by state agencies and public health and environmental initiatives that have garnered community support, such as Grow Monrovia and the Love Your Lungs Coalition, have been discarded by our city leaders. While other cities continue to garner awards for “Small Business Friendly”, Monrovia business owners have shared concerns of high business operating fees and regulations that limit their potential.

We can’t continue to elect and expect the same individuals to solve the issues that have been in front of them for years. We must provide an opportunity for a generational change of fresh and innovative ideas to tackle the concerns of our residents.

Monrovia, join me Saturday, January 22nd at 1:00pm at the Courtyard of the Monrovia Historical Museum to learn more about being a part of the solution, because change can’t wait. Visit to learn more about our campaign and RSVP to our campaign launch event. To watch our campaign launch trailer, visit


  1. So you have grand ideas about spending other people's money for your good deeds. A welfare statist. No thank you.

    Sidney Poitier just died, and how he became the huge man he was did not involve smarties in government handing out taxpayer money freely. He did it. Himself.

    You got all the woke phrases down pretty well. You will not get my vote for anything, except to get a real job producing real value. Your experience as a lobbyist is not a good sign. This is why CA is such a mess.

    Sod off, sparky.

  2. Didn’t win the school board election and yet you want to run for city council?

    What real world experience do you have to bring to the table?

  3. Sasha Zaroyan is BAD for Monrovia.
    Sasha Zaroyan supports the HOMELESS INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. He is spewing all the WOKE TALKING POINTS of a democrat socialist. The solution to “homelessness” is NOT to build half-million dollar homes that over half of Monrovians cannot afford themselves. These tax-payer funded “FREE”, exorbitantly priced, half-million dollar homes WILL INCREASE the “homeless” in Monrovia and beyond. Offering “free” stuff is what’s attracting vagrants from all over the country. Why do these vagrants need to work if people like Sasha Zaroyan is willing to give them everything for free (i.e.: food, clothing, housing, ebt cards, etc.). It’s a FACT that over 80% of these so-called homeless DO NOT want to live in a home. They chose to live their lives this way—without rules. Anyone who is truly homeless and wants to get back on their feet would be housed within months following their homeless experience.
    A significant portion of the homeless population in Monrovia and L.A. County are mentally ill. This mental illness is a result of illicit drug usage and abuse. This illicit drug usage has led to elevated crime activity throughout Southern California, including Monrovia. In addition, Proposition 47, passed several years ago, has also emboldened criminals. Proposition 47 has redefined multiple crime categories to be misdemeanors. If all you get is a slap-on-the-wrist from stealing from a store, what incentive is there to stop? Reform the rules in Proposition 47 or REPEAL IT.
    Sasha Zaroyan is “…proposing the creation of the Business Empowerment office.” Why do we need this office? It’s just more government bureaucracy that accomplishes nothing but wasting tax-payer money. Monrovia DOES NOT have the financial luxury of supporting another bureaucratic office. These tax dollars can be better spent elsewhere. The barriers to opening a business in Monrovia exists at the county and state level. Monrovia already has resources in place to assist local business development. Monrovia doesn’t need another government office performing redundant tasks.
    Sasha Zaroyan endorses the “affordable housing” agenda of the homeless industrial complex. This affordable housing agenda is the construct of big developers. Their only goal is to exploit politicians, like Sasha Zaroyan, to push their goals forward that enable them to win building contracts. The big developers’ only goal is to make money by any means necessary. They could care less about “affordable housing”. Sasha Zaroyan is nothing more than a tool of big developers.