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Penalties for Using Too Much Water; General Plan Revision; City Wants Artists to Paint Utility Boxes

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports: 

~ Monrovians whose water usage exceeds 90% of their usage for the same month in 2020 will be charged "a penalty of two times the cost of a water billing unit (748 gallons of water) for each unit in excess of what is permitted. For a typical residential unit, the standard penalty is $4.88 per unit in excess."

~ No, Feik writes, the rain wasn't enough to fill major reservoirs and end the drought.

~ The city is updating its general plan...

The goal of the Housing Element is to create 982 housing units for "extremely low income" to "moderate income" people. The city "is not responsible for the actual construction of these units. The City is, however, responsible for creating a regulatory environment in which the private market could build these units."

Goals of the Environmental Justice Element are to promote: healthy and affordable housing, public and recreational facilities, healthy food access, climate resiliency, civic and community engagement and services.

The Safety Element is the city's plan to protect against fire, flooding, earthquakes, heatwaves, drought, pollution, and crime.

~ Monrovia is looking for artists to paint four of its utility boxes. The theme for this year's Art on the Box program is Celebrating Diversity. Applications will be accepted through March 31. Each artist may submit up to two proposals. Details:

- Brad Haugaard


  1. The City, by adding 1000 consumers to the water consumption base is creating a revenue enhancement out of the water drought and fines. These people are talking out of both sides of their mouths.

    What has the City done to curb its water use and how much of a reduction has it achieved?

    As to the goal to housing disadvantaged people for "justice" will move the City backwards toward when Huntington Drive east of Myrtle was a violent slum. That is going to make our community "better"? It's getting time to leave.

  2. Lets see now, running out of electricity leading to rolling black outs, running out of landfills for trash eliminating the single family home, reduce or eliminate off street parking, Edison trying to crush solar power, trying to get rid of natural gas, sending clean treated water to the ocean, not using the depleted quarry pits for additional water storage, giving up the right of cities to control there own planning standards, letting Sacramento tell us what we must do in our own city, has everyone forgotten the three major issues of the Safety element-Bedbugs, mosquitoes, fleas and one I just thought of head lice.

  3. I actually brought this up in a previous post. I maybe naive and do not understand complicated proposals, so if someone who is smarter than me would enlighten me, please - why are more housing units being built when there is not enough water for the current citizens? And, after a couple of decades of making Monrovia a truly great place to live, why are we going backwards to a time when Monrovia had a bad reputation,lower class?