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City to Consider Tree-Planting Program; Ending On-Street Dining; Measure K Funds; Black History Month; Teacher of the Year

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will consider ...

~ A tree planting program throughout the city, starting with the south end of town, which has fewer trees. The city has identified about 455 locations where it could plant new trees. The staff report ( has an alphabetical list of streets being considered. Comment: It would have been nice - since we're still in a drought - if the staff report had discussed how much water the trees will use.

~ Ending the outdoor dining permits that allow restaurants to put seating in the street. If the council approves, permits would end on Feb. 28. While positively received, the staff report says usage has declined during the winter, there are 24 fewer parking spaces, the spaces are often unsightly and unused, and some businesses are given an unfair advantage over others.

~ A report on what has been done with Measure K tax funds, which have "largely remained unappropriated since the tax measure was approved in Fall 2019 and merchants began collecting the new 0.75% sales tax effective April 1." 2020.

~ Proclaiming February 2022 as "Black History Month."

~ Honoring San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District's "2021 Public Health Teacher of the Year," Clifton Middle School Teacher Gina Ayala.

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. If the city ends on street dining, are the unvaxxed going to be allowed to eat next to the virtuous vaxxed (even when it means nothing that they have had the flu shots)?

    Do the lofty wonderful city mandarins want to exclude the unvaxxed, which is racist and classist for many of those affected, from dining in the nice parts of their satrap, Monrovia?

    Isn't the next step to emulate Los Angeles and Pasadena glitterati to make sure only they can sup at nice places?

    How elegant of them, and how they divine that one business is favored over another...I'd love to hear that. First, that it is their purview to make businesses equal. Second, none of them have any experience running such would they know who was advantaged or not on an objective basis? Instead of whining from some that they think is their job to fix. Third, is this really an issue for these august people to bother with?