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Flint Fertig Taking Over as Interim Monrovia High Principal

Flint Fertig, Director of Adult Education and Alternative Programs, will serve as Interim Principal at Monrovia High School beginning on Monday, January 17, according to a report by Superintendent Ryan Smith.

Smith writes that, "Fertig will continue to oversee Canyon Oaks, Mountain Park, and Monrovia Community Adult School, just from afar. Directors Kimberly Cabrera and Catherine Real, both former high school principals, will provide additional support for these schools whenever needed."

The formal search process for a new principal at Monrovia High will begin later this week, he added. "Please know though that this is a difficult time of year for filling a position like this as it is not really 'hiring season', so to speak. I share this with you because I will not settle for anyone who is less than a perfect fit."


- Brad Haugaard


  1. What happened to Kirk McGinnis?

  2. I heard second hand that he has accepted an administrative job in El Monte school district. I've not heard any official word about that, however.