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Dinner at Chronic Tacos

Dinner at the new Chronic Tacos, on the west side of Myrtle at the east end of the Vons shopping area. It is organized very much like Chipotle - build your own tacos. I got the 2 Taco Plate for $8.95. It was very good!

I also got a beer (it’s “selfTAP,” aka self serve). To get the beer you have to get a “beer card,” which has a $2 activation fee, then you put money on the card (I put $8 on it) then you tap the card at the tap and pour your beer. I took the card to the cashier and asked what was left on it. I’ve got $3.11 left, and can reload the card if I want, so it either cost $4.89, or $6.89 if you count the activation fee. Okay, that’s different. 

- Brad Haugaard 

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