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Fines For Those Who Don't Reduce Water Usage; Free Water-Saving Devices and Notebooks; Jobs With the City

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports: 

~ Monrovians who fail to reduce water usage by at least 10% compared to their water usage for the same month in 2020 will now be fined two times the cost of a water billing unit (748 gallons of water) for each billing unit in excess what is permitted.

~  The Upper San Gabriel Water Municipal Water District has free water-saving devices for eligible residents (showerheads, meter monitors, smart irrigation controllers, etc.) that will be installed by a licensed contractor, while supplies last. Details:

~ Free planners filled with native plants and water conservation tips while supplies last. Application form:

~  The City of Monrovia is recruiting for: Director of Public Works, Senior Accounting Assistant, Fire Cadet (Volunteer).

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Has the City cut its water usage by 10%??

    What has the City done with the $6M surplus to increase water storage of rainwater??

    Are City officials exempt from being fined??

  2. Agreed, city is the biggest misuser of water. I see broken sprinklers consistently in the parks, sprinklers running while it’s raining etc