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Dinner from Luscious Dumplings

Okay, this is embarrassing. This photo is of what is left over after we ate it all. I forgot to take a picture of all the food listed below before we started eating (I think I was anxious to get to it), but the dumplings looked like this - but there were lots and lots more of them. 

Anyway, got dinner from Luscious Dumplings, in the shopping center on Duarte Road at Sixth.  Got Angus beef rice bowl; Angus stewed beef noodle soup; pan-fried chive pockets; boiled chive, pork, egg and shrimp dumplings; pan-fried chicken dumplings; pan-fried pork dumplings; and steamed soup dumplings. Used DoorDash. Each item was about $11. Cost for food was $76.50, plus tax, a service fee of $11.48, and a driver tip. It was indeed luscious. 

- Brad Haugaard 

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  1. Hi there. Thank you for all of the food reviews! ~ Primrose