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Monrovia Historical Society Unveils 83 Videos on Monrovia History

What's the origin of Monrovia's street names? Really? There was a Banana Avenue?

The Monrovia Historical Society has unveiled a set of 83 videos on Monrovia history featuring Monrovia Historical Society President - and City Historian - Steve Baker.

During this months-long project Historical Society Vice President Sandy Burud interviewed Baker - a fifth generation Monrovian with a gift for storytelling - about the great bank robbery of 1908, a murder, an explosion, the fire that destroyed our grand old hotel, early architecture, churches, schools, movie theaters, film studios, and dozens more topics.

A selection of videos is on the Monrovia Historical Society web page (, but many more are on its YouTube Channel, here: . Or, just search YouTube for "Monrovia Historical Society."

The Monrovia Historical Society's goal is to “preserve and share Monrovia’s historical legacy” through the George H. Anderson House at 215 E Lime and the Legacy Project (, an online collection of 6,000 historic photos and papers.

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