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Serious Crime Up Almost 20% in Monrovia - 100% Jump in Rape and Attempted Rape; Homeless Squad; Gender-Neutral Bathrooms; Etc.

In his weekly report ( ), City Manager Oliver Chi reports ...

~ Serious crime was up almost 20% in Monrovia last year. There were 893 serious (Part 1) crimes, compared to 750 in 2015. That means 143 more victims. Part 1 crimes include murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny, auto theft, and arson. Plus:

- 120 more larceny incidents, a 24% increase.
- 29 more burglary and attempted burglary incidents, a 28% increase.
- 11 more assault incidents, a 50% increase.
- 4 more rape and attempted rape incidents, a 100% increase.

There are similar and even greater increases throughout the state. Law enforcement officials attribute it to the passage of Assembly Bill 109, Proposition 47, and Proposition 57. The city is coming up with ways to address the issue. Chi adds: "As these strategies are developed, we would continue to urge that all residents stay vigilant."

~ Monrovia has been awarded $65,000 in grants to establish a two-person "homeless response squad" (two officers who will work five hours a week on homeless issues), and another $40,000 to train officers to work with a mental health clinician in dealing with homeless issues.

~ The city is replacing big water valves ($39,480)on February 8. Chi said "there will be no water service delivery disruption during this time, and water customers should see no impact whatsoever during our work."

~ Two elections coming up: A special LA County Election on March 7 to consider a .25% sales tax increase to raise money for homeless services; and the Monrovia municipal election. Contested positions in the local election are for Mayor, you get your choice between incumbent Tom Adams and challenger Mark Harris; and for City Counil you get to vote for two of the following: challenger Clifford DeCosta, incumbent Larry Spicer, and incumbent Alexander Blackburn.

~ To comply with state law, the city will be transforming two bathrooms at City Hall to be for any gender. Single-stall men's and women's bathrooms are now apparently illegal for government facilities.

~ Yermo is interested in buying tworeserve fire engines for $50,000. Monrovia has wanted to sell them.

~ City staff worked with Monrovia Youth Baseball League to prepare the baseball field at Recreation Park for the league's Opening Day activities, on Saturday, Feb. 25. Pancake breakfast at 8 a.m. and ceremony at 10:30 a.m.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. We are already one of the highest taxed people in the country... lets just pile on some more sales tax.

  2. Men's and women's restrooms are *not* illegal in the state when there are multiple stalls. It is only single-stall restrooms which are now to be made available to everybody.

    1. And there is no point to having a single stall restroom not be unisex. Close the door and do what you do. What does the sex of the previous user have to do with anything?

    2. Because for a woman it is just an uncomfortable feeling to enter a public restroom after a man you don't know has used it. It's hard to explain (right Ladies??) it just is what it is. Lady's need their own bathroom, just sayin'!!!

    3. You can use the women's bathroom.

      If you need single stall AND women only, you should probably just use the toilet at home if you need to be that accommodated.

    4. It's not who used the restroom before me but how they left it. And I doubt that's a girl thing...

    5. I think it's a fact that women's restrooms are more disgusting than mens. Women do the squat and not touch the toilet seat method and spray all over the place. Maybe you'll be happily surprised.

  3. "
    ~ To comply with state law, the city will be transforming two bathrooms at City Hall to be for any gender. Men's and women's bathrooms are now apparently illegal for government facilities."
    WTF have we become? Jesus H. Christ! Trump...please save us! California is being driven off a cliff.

    1. >100% more rape


      >Men and women can use the same toilet.


    2. lol! and lol at the person who thinks Trump is going to save him! Just move out of California

  4. Note: I changed the headline from "Gender Free" to "Gender Neutral," which I've been informed is the proper term, and I guess people who use the bathrooms still have a gender, so maybe "gender free" is not the best wording.

  5. And added "Single-stall" in the bathrooms item. Thanks "Anonymous" for the tip.