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$15-a-Month Water Tax Possible | Monrovia May Contract Out Bill Collecting | Office Vacancy Rate Healthier

In his weekly report ( ), City Manager Oliver Chi reports that ...

~ If a proposed tax to buy water to replenish our supply is approved, "the estimated customer cost impact for everyone located in the Main San Gabriel Basin will eventually reach around $15 / month." Chi said we need another "130.3 billion gallons of water" to get back to normal water levels. Yes, even taking the rain into account.

~ Monrovia is thinking of contracting out its utility bill collecting and processing to a private company.

~ Monrovia's office space vacancy rate was over 17% in 2015 but is now below 10%, and the city has added about 1,900 jobs, which means more people shopping and dining in town. Chi said the city has been working to attract science and biotech companies. Some companies that have moved to - or are consolidating in - Monrovia are:

Beckman Research Institute, ~600 jobs;
Aerovironment, ~250 jobs;
City of Hope, ~150 jobs;
Oak Crest Institute of Science, ~45 jobs;
Southern California News Group, ~200 jobs;
Cacique - 28,000 square feet, ~250 jobs;
Yang Ming Shipping - 25,000 square feet, ~150 jobs;
Worley Parsons - 300+ jobs.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. That water tax needs to applied as a usage tax, not fair to apply as a flat rate.

    1. Agreed about it needing to be a usage tax. Also, if it's meant to pay to get back to a normal water level, then it should be stipulated that the tax will end once that water level is reached.