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Sign to be Installed at Crudgington Station

The city is planning an 8-foot cedar sign for the building just inside the Wilderness Preserve near the Cloverleaf entry point. The building was called a "fire station," but is being renamed to "Crudgington Station" in honor of former City Council Member Gloria Crudgington. Details

- Brad Haugaard


  1. She was terrible. She selfishly stayed on cc in poor health. I'm glad they put this recognition in a place where few will see it

    1. Wow! She was a selfless civil servant until her last day in office! She did a lot of good over many years for Monrovia! Yes, her physical health declined but her mind was/is always on point. She saved Monrovia millions of dollars due to water conservation advocacy and knowledge. Good on the city for honoring Gloria!

  2. What an honor, it is. Congratulations and thanks!