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Monrovia Code Enforcement One of Best in Country; Field of Flags for Veterans Day; Museum Holding 30th Anniversary Open House; History Tour; More Mulch

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports: 

~ Monrovia became the first government agency in California to receive national accreditation for code enforcement. The accreditation is awarded by the American Association of Code Enforcement to agencies across the country that meet the strict and extensive requirements. Since 2018, there have only been seven other agencies in the country that have achieved this designation, none from California until now.

~ On Veterans Day, November 7, Monrovia will have its field of flags in Library Park to honor veterans. Residents may write a message of appreciation and tie it to a flag pole. City staff will be available to hand out tags for those wishing to thank veterans. For more information, contact Community Services at 256-8246.

~ Monrovia Historical Museum will hold its 30th Anniversary Open House On Saturday, November 13. A new exhibit, IDEAS, highlights individuals and organizations who fought bigotry and segregation throughout the city's history. Admission is free. RSVP at the museum website:

~  The Monrovia Historic Preservation Group will lead another two-hour journey tracing the town's history from its origins to the present day. $5 per person. Meet at the southeast corner of Myrtle and Palm.

~ The Public Works Department and Athens Services biannual compost and mulch event is over but compost is still available. If you'd like some make a reservation to pick it up by calling 932-5562 or email

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Code Enforcement in Monrovia literally does nothing. Go up to the Hidden Valley/Cloverleaf area and see how one house has destroyed a neighborhood with 24 hour high power lights and 30 trump flags and weird religious signs. They let one psycho ruin a previously wonderful neighborhood.