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By Tuesday We Should Be Reasonably Sure Whether Measure MM Passed

Sooo, when will we know with reasonable certainty if Monrovia School District's bond, Measure MM, passed?

While the measure is currently ahead in the voting, having 58.69% of the vote, about 4% above the 55% needed to pass, there are still votes to be counted, and the county doesn't expect to certify the election results until December 5.

But we probably won't need to wait until then to have a good idea of whether it has passed.

I spoke with City Clerk Alice Atkins, who has had experience in numerous elections, and asked her when we could be reasonably certain of the results. Her best estimate - this coming Tuesday.

She wrote: "I think I'm comfortable saying that depending on the spread, results released next Tuesday could be a good indicator of whether Measure MM has the number of votes necessary to pass (55%).  In my experience, following that count, the processing slows and changes are less dramatic, but in close races leads do sometimes flip.

"Also, according to the County, the number of mail ballot returns for MUSD is 6,527, with 1,889 still to be processed.  Keep in mind, state law allows for mail ballots to be received up through Tuesday of next week, so long as they were postmarked no later than election day, so that number of outstanding ballots will change as the County continues to pick up mail."

- Brad Haugaard

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