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Last Surviving Monrovia VFW Veteran to Have Served in World War II Has Died

A letter by Robert Parry in remembrance of Norman Ross.

"I learned this morning that Norman Ross passed away recently. Norman was, notably, the last surviving World War II vet in the Monrovia VFW. He was in his 90s and (until I lost touch with him a couple of years ago, at least) still driving and enjoying libations at the post regularly.

"Norm was black and had lived in Monrovia for at least 50 years. He told me of the era -- in my life time -- when the city pool was segregated and he could only swim one day a week.  This also means, of course, he served in the Navy when it was very segregated. Norm loathed false complaints of racism almost as much as actual racism.

"He was a character who will be missed."

Robert Parry


  1. Norman Ross was born and raised in Monrovia.

  2. Norman was a Veteran and we are not identified by color we are brothers and men who served our country.

  3. Norman will always be remembered as a kind, sweet, caring man and always had a smile on his face !! Norman loved his family and enjoyed every day .

  4. Norman Ross served during the Vietnam War. He was a very kind and caring man. Race was not a factor in serving this country. As you can see racism still exist today even in death. It doesn’t matter what his race was. Let’s have some dignity. Death isn’t characterized by your race. R. I.P. Norman

  5. Norman was always real he stuck to whatever he felt…. Norman was💯 At all times… miss you old man…. That’s what I called him

  6. Norman Ross was 96 years old of age when he passed away. He served in World War II. It was a honor and pleasure to have known him. R. I.P. Norman. I find it very disturbing that his passing was characterized as a black man. Death has no color. How would you feel Mr. Parry to be known by your race when you pass. That’s was very degrading. No compassion at all sir.

  7. Oh Norman!!!! Your swag will be missed! Our “ Bingo Buddy” , I used to call you the “Coolest Cat” in M-Town.
    Thank you for your service Sir! You will be truly missed.
    I want to say in all fairness, I don’t think person who posted meant any disrespect, only to tell the story of what he knew from Norman! I’m SURE Norman was a PROUD Black Man! Actually I KNOW he was!!

  8. I did not know Norman Ross served in the Vietnam War,
    l remember him,He was a man of few words until he got to know you then he would to you!! Rest Easy You lived a life time.