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Statement of Mayoral Candidate Becky Shevlin

I have been a proud Monrovia resident for the past 34 years and have had the great honor of serving on the Monrovia City Council since 2009. From the opening of our Gold Line Station, the near completion of Monrovia Renewal, and passage of Measure K, to the effects of severe drought, the recent fire, resulting flood, and especially the COVID pandemic, Monrovia has celebrated both groundbreaking successes and endured great challenges during my 13 years on City Council. While we may not all share the same story, if we have learned anything from especially the past few years, our perserverence must be rooted in mutual respect and understanding, making us stronger and more resilient in attaining equitable and sustainable responses to whatever our challenges are now and going forward! It is important to acknowledge that no one person controls our City Council, goals, or agenda. I run for the position of Mayor not promising that “I” have all the answers or that “I” will solve all problems but sincerely promise to continue to lead by example to educate and engage all Monrovians and do whatever possible to work as a team through City Council, City Staff and Commissions, constituents, and regional representation for the betterment of all.

Current representation/involvement –

SGV Council of Governments President; Homelessness Committee Chair; Capital Projects and Construction Committee Member; LA County Blue-Ribbon Commission on Homelessness COG Designee
SGV Regional Housing Trust VP
SGV Mosquito and Vector Control District Board of Trustees, President
Foothill Transit Executive Board
SCAG Member of Community Economic and Human Development Committee and Housing Policy Leadership Academy
Liaison - Monrovia Library Board, Monrovia Association of Fine Arts and Clifton Middle School
Monrovia Community Coordinating Council – Secretary and Calendar Coordinator
Monrovia Reads Board Member (past Executive Board positions)
Monrovia Guild of Monrovia of CHLA (past/present Executive Board)
Member - Healing Connections, Monrovia Garden Club, Historic Preservation Group, Historical Society, Historical Museum

I humbly ask that you vote for me as your Mayor on June 7th. Let’s work together in continuing to make Monrovia a true Gem of the Foothills! - (626)253-0072

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