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No Mud Problems for North Monrovia Residences, But Damage to Monrovia Canyon Park

The city reports:

"Thus far, the neighborhoods of Ridgeside Drive and Oakglade Drive have not experienced significant debris or mudflow onto the streets. Throughout the rain event, the Oakglade Debris Basin, a drainage structure, has captured the debris and mudflow. At this time, these neighborhoods remain under an Evacuation Warning."

However ...

"The City of Monrovia has issued a Proclamation of Existence of Local Emergency in response to the rainstorm on December 13 and December 14, 2021, and is activating a virtual Emergency Operation Center. There has been significant movement of mud and debris, along with rocks and boulders, in Monrovia Canyon Park. There is a substantial amount of debris and mudflow within Monrovia Canyon Park causing damage to facilities, roads, parking areas, utility systems and trails. 

"Additionally, staff has identified a broken water main in Monrovia Canyon Park caused by the debris flow. The water system in Monrovia Canyon Park, including the running water in bathrooms and drinking fountains, has been compromised. Monrovia Canyon Park has been closed to the public since Thursday, December 9, and will remain closed indefinitely. Although Monrovia Canyon Park is closed, signs for “Do Not Drink the Water” will be placed within the park until the water main can be repaired."

Details here.

- Brad Haugaard

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