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Canyon Park Damage: Rocks as Big as Minivans, Mud and Debris Everywhere

The road to the ranger station. I got this picture second hand, so I don't know the photographer.

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports that, "on Thursday afternoon, I was able to join staff for a tour of Canyon Park to observe damage from Tuesday's rain storm. It is quite incredible to see the power of water and how it impacted our beloved park. There is mud and debris everywhere. Sections of roadway are gone and culverts are filled in. The stream has cut new paths throughout the park and in some areas, 6-12 feet of earth has been eroded away. There are rocks of all sizes, some as large as minivans, scattered throughout the park. We are already preparing our work to: clear out debris; remove silt, sediment and rock from the park, and; begin to repair the damaged infrastructure. Our work will take a long time so we should all expect the park to be closed indefinitely for a period of time."

- Brad Haugaard


  1. So sorry to hear about this .I known all you guys we'll make the Park look beautiful again everyone say save as your making it beautiful again.

  2. Dis the smarties figure out how to keep this water, put it in the aquifer, so they don't have to fine residents who use more than their water ration? Or is that not green enough?

    Seems like a good use of the $6M windfall they have in sales taxes revenue.