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Former Pastor at Hope Unlimited Church Being Sued On Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

A former pastor of Monrovia's Hope Unlimited Church, Robert J. Spina, is being sued, along with the church, on allegations of child sexual abuse. The filing here

Spina is accused of "engaging in sexual talk and innuendo, talking about girls, discussing whether he [the plaintiff] had had sex, and sending the plaintiff sexual text messages," and then later showing him pornography, according to a press release by the legal firm representing the plaintiff, a 35-year-old man who is called "John GA Doe" in the court filing. The suit says the alleged activities began when the plaintiff was about 13 years old.

The church is also being sued, because, attorney Morgan Stewart said, "It is clear from the information provided to us by our client that his abuse was known by others in the hierarchy of the Hope Unlimited Church. They did nothing to prevent it and they did nothing to hold his abuser accountable. In fact, they allowed RJ Spina, an admitted child molester to have access to children for at least two more years. I fear there may be many other victims and I encourage them and their families to report any known or suspected instances of child sexual abuse to the authorities."

According to an article in SACMEDIA, a student news publication of Mt. San Antonio College, Spina resigned last year and a notice on the church's website said it was "due to personal choices he has made in recent times that did not align with the high standards of ministry and his position of senior leader." Details

- Brad Haugaard

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