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Monrovia Women Named 'Women Heroes of the Pandemic'

Two Monrovia women and 26 other women in the 25th Senate District will be honored by State Senator Anthony Portantino as "Women Heroes of the Pandemic" for playing "an integral role in supporting their community during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Monrovians Jackie Tran and Krystina Livraga will be honored at a ceremony on May 26.

The press release says:

"Ms. Tran is a Communications Analyst for the City of Monrovia. In a time of crisis and a global pandemic, she conveyed reliable information to communities quickly. Whether it was updating the city website or creating daily COVID-19 updates for the public, she served the community of Monrovia by providing them critical information when they needed it."

"As the Commercial Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Monrovia, Ms. Livraga is charged with enforcing a variety of codes relating to business operations. During the pandemic, she took on the responsibility of facilitating Temporary Outdoor Business Operations permits and collaborated with multiple agencies to get the process moving quickly.  Ms. Livraga has been attentive to the needs of local businesses during a time when small business owners have been struggling to stay open."

- Brad Haugaard

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