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Former School Board Member Bryan Wong Now Leading Local Habitat for Humanity

Former Monrovia Board of Education member, Bryan Wong, has a new position. He explains ...

After 17 years on the Monrovia School Board, I’m excited to transition to San Gabriel Valley Habitat as the new Executive Director. As we all know, our MUSD families have had a challenging year. Similarly, many families across the San Gabriel Valley have faced overcrowded, unaffordable and unsafe living conditions—which the pandemic has only made worse. The dream of home ownership is now even more out of reach with median sales prices skyrocketing over 28% to $707,000 in the last year.

In my short time here at SGV Habitat, I have met home buyers who are able to overcome these challenges thanks to our affordable home ownership program. Just a few days ago, I was speaking to E’Tiffany, a hardworking mom of four, who always wanted to become a homeowner. She did not have that opportunity until she discovered SGV Habitat. Now, she is a few weeks away from purchasing her very own Habitat home in Monterey Park. Finally, what was once the impossible dream will become a reality for E’Tiffany and her children.

Through our three-year Expanding the American Dream campaign, we will help 100 families, just like E’Tiffany’s, build or repair their very own home .  We will accomplish this through the generosity of donors, volunteers, and organizations along with support from a variety of federal, state, and local agencies. 

I am proud to be part of an organization that helps families and individuals across San Gabriel Valley build and buy or repair their own safe and affordable home. Together we will build stronger neighborhoods and communities. I enjoyed working with all of you as a school board member and invite you to join me in the mission of building homes, community, and hope. To get involved, please visit


Bryan Wong

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