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Monrovia Covid Fatalities Drop Dramatically, City Council to Consider Alternatives to County's Shutting Down Outdoor Restaurant Dining

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports that the Monrovia City Council will discuss Tuesday whether there are alternatives to the Los Angeles County Health Department's decision to shut down outside dining at restaurants.

Feik said that the number of Monrovia fatalities from Covid has declined to 7 in the last four months compared to 33 in the previous four months.

He added that the city is concerned that 10-15 percent of Covid cases can be traced to outdoor restaurant dining while more than 50 percent can be traced to private social gatherings. "The City's concern is that by closing restaurants, the Order will adversely incentivize residents to dine together, indoors, and without any safety precautions in place." 

- Brad Haugaard

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