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Lunch from Ikonicks

Just got lunch from Ikonicks Burgers, on the east side of Myrtle just south of Lime. Got the Shrimp Burger for $13 and a beer for $1.50  No seating, of course, so I walked it over to Library Park. The burger had a beef patty and whole shrimp grilled onions and a creamy sauce. It was delicious and the beer was cold and crisp!

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. Lol, where did you drink the beer at?

  2. Nice, no different than the people that live there. I’d rather have someone drink than smoke because I don’t have to smell it.

  3. Should have lifted the bun up to show the shrimp. You need to go back :)

    1. Yes, I should have. My bad. But they looked as lot like, uhhh, shrimp.