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Monrovia's Water Supplier Has to Buy 40.7 Billion Gallons of Water

In his weekly report (, City Manager Oliver Chi reports ...

~ Our Watermaster has just purchased 40.7 billion gallons of water, which will cost more than $100 million. That means water bills will go up across the San Gabriel Valley, including Monrovia, but by how much is unclear at the moment.

The drought may be over for the rest of California - as Gov. Jerry Brown announced - but for the Main San Gabriel Basin (MSGB) Chi writess that "we are still in the midst of a serious drought situation," made worse by communities thinking the drought is over.

The water level ticked up a smidge after last year's rains, but it is going back down again and "if we do nothing, our groundwater levels will fall below the lowest levels ever recorded by this coming Fall 2017. If that happens, it is likely that 10% of all water production wells in the Main San Gabriel Basin – including water production wells in Monrovia – will go dry by the end of 2017."

The city plans to have an assessment completed and ready for review in September.

~ Here is a video explaining the water situation:

~ Water rules: Water no more than every fourth day, no more than 15 minutes per landscaped area (except for drip irrigation systems, new planting of low-water usage plants, or if using reclaimed water), and only between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m.

~ Free earthquake workshop with guest speaker Margaret Vinci from CalTech. Saturday, Sept. 9, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Library Community Room. Sponsored by the Monrovia Fire Department and the Monrovia Historic Preservation Group. RSVP (required) here:

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I don't see any mention of who we're buying the water from. Any word on that?

    1. the Main San Gabriel Basin watermaster.

    2. I thought the watermaster was doing the buying. I'm just wondering where one buys 40.7 billion gallons of water from?