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Track Santa's Sleigh - Live

If you want to see where Santa's sleigh is right now, click here.

And here's Santa's schedule:

  • Monday, Dec. 11 - South of Huntington, west of Myrtle, including Valley Circle.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 12 - East of Myrtle, north of Foothill.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 13 - West of Myrtle, south of Foothill, and
  • north of Huntington.
  • Thursday, Dec. 14 - East of Myrtle, south of Foothill, north of Duarte Road.
  • Friday, Dec. 15 - West of Myrtle Avenue, North of Foothill.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I think the real reason the City stopped allowing passengers to ride on the sleigh was because that weird lady and her husband were riding on it every night.