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Santa's Monrovia Schedule

Santa and friends will tour Monrovia neighborhoods on top of a decorated fire engine, escorted by a police car and a decorated public works sleigh. From  5 - 9 pm. Here's the schedule:

  • Monday, Dec. 11 - South of Huntington, west of Myrtle, including Valley Circle.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 12 - East of Myrtle, north of Foothill.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 13 - West of Myrtle, south of Foothill, and
  • north of Huntington.
  • Thursday, Dec. 14 - East of Myrtle, south of Foothill, north of Duarte Road.
  • Friday, Dec. 15 - West of Myrtle Avenue, North of Foothill.

Call Monrovia Police at 256-8000 for more information. 

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Good morning🎅🏻
    I hope you are having a pleasant morning.
    My question is in regards to this evenings, Santa tour. Our residence is near the corner of Duarte Road and fifth Street in Monrovia. I am a grandma of a lovely six year old. For reasons beyond our control, my granddaughter has never been able to meet or see Santa. This year I would love to make her dream come true. I am disabled, and use a roller walker to get around. I only say this to give an understanding of our transportation limitations. Is it possible to give me an accurate street that is nearest to the corner of Duarte Road and fifth Street, and time window. So that I can walk with my granddaughter to see Santa on the firetruck sleigh this evening?
    May all at Monrovia, fire department and police department, have a wonderful and blessed holiday season.

    Hopeful grandma Sandra

  2. I personally do not have the precise timing, but you might want to call the general number at the police station. They should be able to help you. Their number is (626) 256-8000

    1. Thank you ever so much, Brad.
      Merry Christmas!

      Grandma Sandra