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Council to Consider Giving Itself a Pay Raise; Study Feedback on Proposed Auto Repair Regulations

At its next meeting (agenda here) the Monrovia City Council will ...

~ Consider raising its monthly pay from $400 to $800, $1,000, or $1,275 for each council member. Council members spend an estimated 20-30 hours a week on city duties, with their current pay amounting to $3.33-$5 per hour. Their pay has been $400 since 1997. Any pay rise would take effect after the March 2024 municipal election. The Council will also consider pay adjustments for the city treasurer and city clerk. Details

~ Consider feedback the city has received regarding its proposed rules for auto repair businesses. This will be in a special study session at 6 p.m., before the regular council meeting. Details

- Brad Haugaard

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