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School Board to Evaluate Superintendent; Consider Paying Company to Get Rid of Furniture; Redesign Santa Fe Middle School; Etc.

At a special meeting on Monday, Sept. 11, the Monrovia Board of Education will evaluate Superintendent Ryan Smith in closed session following an open period for public comment. Details

At Wednesday's regular meeting (agenda here) the board will...

~  Consider paying $56,135 to Furniture Reuse Solutions to remove obsolete furniture at Monroe  (details)  and and Plymouth (details) elementary schools . Why not sell it the furniture? Because, "District staff, in consultation with legal counsel, has determined that the Furniture is of insufficient value to defray the costs of arranging for a sale of the Furniture because the Furniture is outdated, does not have a wide market of potentially interested parties, and the cost necessary to collect and prepare the Furniture for a sale would likely be higher than any payment the District would receive" (details). 

~ Consider paying Learner-Centered for Collaborative $60,000 to work with the school district to "redesign Santa Fe Middle School, with a focus on attracting and retaining students." Details

~  Consider approving a deal with Citrus College allowing Monrovia High students to earn college credit. Details

~  Consider naming September as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (here)  and Hispanic Heritage Month (here)  

- Brad Haugaard