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Flint Fertig Reportedly Interim Monrovia Schools Superintendent

On her Monrovia Messenger Facebook page, Gayle Montgomery says that "two knowledgeable sources" have told her that Flint Fertig has been named as interim Superintendent of Monrovia School District, replacing Ryan D. Smith. The district website, however, still lists Smith as superintendent. 

Fertig is in charge of Alternative Education, including Canyon Oaks High School, Mountain Park School, and Monrovia Community Adult School.

I did an article about Fertig years ago and was highly impressed by him. You can see it here

- Brad Haugaard


  1. So we're now posting stuff based on what we see on people's facebook posts not waiting for official word to come down from the District? Odd, That there hasn't been any type of release from MUSD.

  2. I'm just a taxpayer and voter, but it seems odd to me that the board/district isn't putting out some kind of announcement before everyone in the community has heard it elsewhere. Get ahead of the narrative, or whatever.

  3. This isn’t a news site. Besides he probably has sources on the inside that share before there is the public release. Don’t know why people are getting so uptight.

    The bigger issue to me is, why isn’t there any public release on why this individual is being released from their job. I’d like to know so perhaps we hold the board accountable since they did the hiring I would assume.