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Monrovia Doesn’t Win All America City Award

Monrovia did not win the All America City award, but the team that made the presentation said they were proud to represent Monrovia. Here’s a post from the city:

Hello Monrovia! Although we were not named a 2023 All-America City Winner, we are so proud to have represented our community in Denver. We want to thank you all for supporting us…the countless phone calls, emails, text messages and tweets from so many of you are deeply appreciated. We can’t wait to come home and continue the work we do in our great city!

- Brad Haugaard  


  1. Monrovia, you are my beautiful All American City. This city glows not only because of your tree lined streets and loved homes but also the kind friendly citizens who grace this town with your smiles!
    Ashe Macy

  2. I love the homeless in our parks and library. Schools that are in disrepair and still sidewalks and streets that haven’t been fixed.

  3. The theme was engaging youth. Why would they show up to present without any young people like the other cities did?

  4. Many thanks to everyone involved in this effort. Despite not being officially designated as an All-American City (this time around), I remain a proud resident of one of the best cities and neighborhoods around. Hello to all my neighbors!