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Bradbury Cuts Back on Road Widening Project, What Level of Green Electricity Do You Want? Newborn Announcements; Water Quality Good; Water Conservation Helps; KGEM Wins Awards

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports: 

~ The City of Bradbury has cut back on its plan to widen Bradbury Road on the border of Monrovia after working with Monrovia city staff. The focus of the widening will now be on the sharp corner at Bradbury Road and Deodar Lane. Most trees will be unaffected, except two diseased trees that have to be removed regardless. Also, the retaining wall will be reduced in length and height. Additional concerns came up regarding  early morning idling and storm water draining and Monrovia is continuing to work with Bradbury on these issues. More.

~ As part of the Clean Power Alliance Monrovians will be able in 2024 to choose a level of "greenness" for their energy, but the city needs to choose a starting level and it wants your input before selecting that rate. Take the survey here. Background here.  

~ To have your newborn recognized and officially welcomed into the community by the City Council, call the City Clerk's Office at 932-5505 or send an email with first and last name of parents, address, phone number, email address, baby's first, middle and last names, and date of birth.

~ The City of Monrovia 2022 Consumer Confidence Report on Water Quality is now available here. "We are proud to report that the drinking water provided in 2022 meets all Federal and State drinking water standards."

~ Monrovia still wants residents and businesses to conserve water. Here are some rebate offers to help do that:

Convert turf to drought-tolerant and native plants and receive a $4/sq. ft. rebate. Details

Receive $200.00 or more in rebates for purchasing eligible water-saving devices. Details

Get free kits filled with tools to make conservation easier. Details

For questions call Brittany Jasso at 932-5562.

~ Community Media of the Foothills, aka KGEM, has been awarded two Hometown Media Awards for Best Government Meeting Coverage Independent Producer for the November 1, 2022 City Council Recap, and Best Magazine Shows Access Center Professional for KGEM Live - Encore

- Brad Haugaard

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