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Monrovia School Enrollment Continues Down

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia Board of Education will ...

~ Receive a report on the district's declining enrollment. Down 2.15 percent this year compared to last year. From the report:

In 2017-18, enrollment declined by 53 students. In 2018-19, enrollment declined 121 students to 5,442 more than 2%. In 2019-20 enrollment declined by an additional 38 students to 5,404. In 2020-21 in a distance learning environment, enrollment declined by 157 students, nearly 3%. This year, enrollment declined by 113 students, over 2%, to 5,134. ... For 2022-23 student enrollment is projected to decline by an additional 115 students to 5,019.

As a consequence the district will need 8.76 fewer teachers. It would need even fewer except Canyon Oaks/Mountain Park will actually need 4.9 more teachers.

~ Consider buying a subscription to SchoolSite Locator for $2,900 a year. It gives you a map and you click where you live and it shows you the school your children will attend. (Here's an example for Duarte:

~ Consider a sexual harassment policy. Here and here

~ Consider a policy on hate motivated behavior.

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. That’s easy answer despite what district will say. I know of 5 families myself that either go private school route or pulled their kids and went to charter schools.
    Walk around a Monrovia campus vs Arcadia. Obviously you can’t see academic performance but you can certainly tell there is a vast difference in the upkeep of the school.

    Also don’t buy the whole arts campus, coding etc. computers routinely broke, computer staff don’t show up for lessons. This was prior to the pandemic.
    Board either don’t know or have turned a blind eye to it.