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Lunch at Cafe LuMar

Lunch at Cafe LuMar, south side of Colorado a half block east of Myrtle. Got the Chicken Chipotle pasta for $13.75 and an iced tea for $2.95. Really good! And though the restaurant was crowded the service was quick and pleasant.

Note: Someone asked me the other day if my restaurant reviews are paid for by the restaurant, aka "comped."

No. I've always paid. In fact, the restaurant folks don't even know I'm coming and probably don't even know I exist as I've never heard a word from a single restaurant anywhere in town.

It's true I never slam a restaurant but that's because I figure everybody can have a bad day. Also, I figure the photo and price information convey a lot of information, and I'm really not very picky so most restaurants will be at least okay with me, and on those rare occasions when I don't care for it I may simply make no comment on the food, or in super-rare cases, I just won't do a review (I think that's happened once).

- Brad Haugaard

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