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A Message from Monrovia Unified School District Regarding Saugus High School Tragedy

Dear Monrovia Unified Community,

In reflecting upon the tragic unfolding of events at Saugus High School, I am angered that children today must endure such horrific acts of cowardice and heartbroken for the children and families who lost loved ones.

School safety is our first priority. Teaching and learning can only occur in a safe environment, and Monrovia Unified takes clear steps to establish and maintain safe schools.

The District does this by:
• Developing an integrated safety plan for each school, tailored to its unique needs and population.
• Reviewing these plans yearly with our partners, Monrovia Police Department.
• Conducting monthly drills at each school.
• Initiating anti-bullying programs on every campus.
• Providing counseling services at every school.

We also are continually seeking new avenues through which to promote safety.

Monrovia Unified Board of Education passed a gun safety resolution during its regular board meeting on Nov. 13, intended to disseminate gun safety protocols.

We do not take chances with the safety of our students or staff, and encourage all members of our community to immediately contact authorities – on campus or local law enforcement – if you hear or see something of concern.

Posting potential threats on social media tends to interfere with law enforcement and will cause undue panic.

We also encourage our families to have an open dialogue with their children about their challenges.

The National Association of School Psychologists offer helpful resources for talking to children about violence:

Dr. Katherine Thorossian

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