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Bradoaks Transitioning to Science-Emphasis School - Holds Moon Party

Bradoaks Elementary second-grader Brendon Rose held onto the lens of a powerful telescope and searched the stars for a glimpse of Saturn, Jupiter and Venus during a “Telescopes in the Sky” Moon Party family event that celebrated the school's effort to transition to a science emphasis school.

“I always thought that Jupiter was one of the smallest planets in the solar system,” Rose said. “I actually learned that Jupiter is the biggest planet when I looked at it through the telescope.”

Clifton Middle School science teacher Tom Traeger is a member of the Monrovia Old Town Sidewalk Astronomers, which partnered with Bradoaks Elementary to host the Nov. 7 event.

“Our members come from all walks of life; I am a teacher, some of our members are scientists, some are engineers, some are retired and some are people who just have a love of the night sky,” Traeger said. “The purpose of the event is to give the Bradoaks community an evening where they can learn about astronomical objects like Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon that are in the evening sky.”

Refreshments were provided while students and their families looked at the night sky through four telescopes provided by the Sidewalk Astronomers.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our students and parents to learn and explore together,” Board of Education President Ed Gililland said. “Monrovia Unified is dedicated to the academic and personal growth of our students, and events like this shine a light on that focus.”

“Telescopes in the Sky” is just one example of the many science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focused events that Bradoaks Elementary plans to implement as it transitions to a science emphasis school.

“Transitioning to a science emphasis school will foster a love of STEM education in our students and prepare them for pathways in engineering, computer science, math and much more," Principal Jayne Nickles said. “We are grateful to our community partners who help us put on these special events for our students and their families.”

“Monrovia Unified wants to expand the lens through which our students see the world, and what better way than by providing them with a glimpse of the world beyond the terrestrial?” Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian said. “Thank you to our teachers, community partners and families for supporting memorable enrichment opportunities.”

Source: Monrovia Schools press release

- Brad Haugaard

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