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Proposal for Former Market Grill Building

If you wondered what is happening with the former Market Grill building (525 S. Shamrock), here is a proposal currently before the city for its consideration. As you can see the remodeled building features the addition of a second floor, which would be apartments.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Housing that NO one can afford worthless, just my personal opinion.

  2. One of the worse things in the area to happen in a while was kicking out the Market Grill folk. I still miss that place.

  3. I hope the DRC denies it, it doesn't fit in with the houses in the area, not against a new build but it would be nice if it blended in with the surousurrou area.

  4. Honestly anything would be better than the demo that stands there now.

  5. Meant to say dump that stands there now.