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Monrovia Under Quarantine Because of Citrus Bug

It is now illegal to move citrus trees or other plants out of Monrovia, or to bring plants into town from other states or countries.

A press release from Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program explains:

“Due to the detection of an incurable plant disease called Huanglongbing (HLB) in Duarte, the California Department of Food and Agriculture has expanded the Los Angeles HLB quarantine area by 79 square miles to include the city of Monrovia. This quarantine means that it is illegal to move citrus trees and plant material out of the quarantine area and to bring citrus fruit or plant material into this area from other states or countries. “HLB kills all citrus trees it infects and is spread by a small pest called the Asian citrus psyllid as it feeds on leaves and stems of citrus trees. HLB is not harmful to humans or animals, but once a tree is infected, it will die and must be removed.     “Agricultural officials are in the Monrovia area and working to protect backyard citrus trees by inspecting them for the disease.”

Symptoms of HLB include blotchy, yellowing of leaves, yellow shoots, lopsided, small and bitter fruit, and premature and excessive fruit drop. 

Agriculture officials are working hard in the area to find and stop the disease. Please allow them to access your property.

Be sure to dry out citrus tree clippings or double bag them before removing the plant material from the property.

Control for ants on your citrus tree. Ants protect harmful pests like the Asian citrus psyllid. Place ant bait around citrus trees and follow the product’s label instructions. 

- Brad Haugaard

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