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Street Vendors Given Okay to Operate Virtually Anywhere; K-Rail Coming Down; Old Town Logo Gets New Date

In his latest report ( City Manager Oliver Chi reports:

~ For the most part, Monrovia - and other California cities - will no longer be able to regulate street vendors. Chi writes: "Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 946 (dubbed the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act) into law, which forbids cities the ability to outlaw sidewalk vendors.  While the new State regulation does provide cities with limited opportunities to permit street vending operations, the new law specifically mandates that municipalities cannot limit where, when, or how street vendors operate.

"In particular, the new law identifies that cities cannot ban vending in parks, cannot determine where vendors can operate, and are not required to ask permission from adjacent businesses in order to operate."

~ The city is planning to start removing much of the "K-Rail," those long concrete barriers along the sides of the road that were installed following the fire hillside fire, in October or November, except that the rail along Highland Place is going to stay. The city wants to wait until after the rainy season to decide what to do about Highland.

~ The proposed Old Town Logo, which initially said, "Founded 1887" has been revised to say, "Est. 1886." That's because the city was incorporated in 1887 but was initially established in 1886, according to City Historian Steve Baker.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. What a shame that the governor cannot allow cities to decide what is best for their city. Hopefully whatever street vending coming to Monrovia will not have a negative impact on our beautiful town.

  2. Like everything else Brown does. He imposes on us and there is nothing we can do. I am afraid for our Old Town. We have several empty locations and now this.