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Monrovia to Sell Lots of K-Rail; More Parking In Old Town; Library Park Security and Other Enhancements

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will consider:

~  An agreement with Peps Equipment remove approximately 5,650 linear feet of K-Rail, patch and repair any streets damaged during the K-Rail removal process, and pay the City $45,200 for the K-Rail. The K-Rail was purchased and installed following the Madison Fire of 2013 to protect houses in the area from possible mudslides from the denuded hillsides.

~  An agreement with Monrovia United Methodist Church - at Palm and Ivy - to lease the 33 parking spaces the church owns for $700 a month. The church parking spaces are just north of the city lot at Lime and Ivy.

~  An agreement to pay the architectural design firm, Undisclosable, Inc., up to $175,000 to design the Monrovia Public Library Enhancement Project, which would address security concerns; enclose the outdoor area on the north and south wings of the building; provide kid spaces; enhance landscaping and provide a "Portland Loo" restroom near the playground. (That's a restroom with features to discourage camping out in the thing, and so forth.)

~ Filling an empty seat on the Monrovia Old Town Advisory Board because of the unexpired term of Millie Olivas, ending June 30, 2020, with Alexander Reyes.

- Brad Haugaard

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