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Grow Monrovia and Bradbury Reach Settlement in Road Widening

Grow Monrovia and the City of Bradbury have reached a settlement in the Bradbury Road Widening Project. (Bradbury Road borders Monrovia.)

According to Grow Monrovia, "The Settlement agreement ensures the preservation of the wildlife corridor and oak woodland threatened by the proposed road widening."

Specifically, it provides for:

  • The preservation of the trees, including oak trees, along the Wildrose oak woodland area.
  • Enforcement mechanisms to address potential disputes.
  • Measures to address idling cars on Bradbury Road before 7 a.m.
  • More signs and notices to enforce no parking in area.
  • Ensuring the Wildrose bridge weight limit is being enforced.
  • A reduction in the height and width of the proposed wall.
  • Commitments to address flooding issues related to storm water draining off Deodar Lane and the Bradbury Estates.

- Brad Haugaard

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