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Groundbreaking on Monrovia Canyon Park Enhancements

The city held a groundbreaking ceremony today for the upcoming work on Canyon Park. The plan is not just to restore the park, but to enhance it. Hopefully everything will be open by this December. Here are the planned enhancements:

  • More parking
  • Educational center with amphitheater style seating
  • Enclosed rangers’ kiosk at the park entrance
  • At the park entrance
  • Enhancing the space around the existing veterans memorial 
  • Overlook with bench and telescope to view Monrovia
  • Rest area
  • Picnic benches
  • Drought, tolerant landscaping

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I inderstd enhancements are nice for growth, but please please dont leave its natural beauty.

  2. Should have been dont disturb its natural beauty. I have been going there over fifty years. It going there

  3. How about just cleaning up the park so people can use it?

  4. The city hired a regular contractor with no experience working in natural areas to do this. They have been hauling out big truck loads of rocks and dirt. Canyon Park will look like a different place when they're done. Very poor management.

  5. Complete money grab on this one. 12 million given to one of the city's favorite contractors to fk up our park