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City May Institute New Rules for Auto Repair Businesses; Developer Fees; Contract to Manage Farmers' Market

At its next meeting (agenda here  the Monrovia City Council will consider ...

 ~ Establishing new rules for auto repair businesses. The city may allow some exceptions by permit, but basically the rules are:

A. All repair activities must be conducted inside an enclosed building; new outdoor hoists are not allowed.

B. Vehicles awaiting repair must be parked out of public view on the repair facility's property, not stored for over 60 days, and not parked on public streets overnight or near residential areas.

C. Wrecked and dismantled vehicles must not be parked on public streets.

D. Repairing vehicles on public streets is forbidden.

E. Designated exterior parking areas are for employee and customer parking only, not for vehicle repair, finishing, or long-term storage.

F. Vehicle hoods must be kept closed when parked outside awaiting repair.

G. The repair facility must be maintained in a neat, orderly, and reasonably good fashion.

H. Signs about private parking must be posted as required by the Development Review Committee.

I. Storing equipment, vehicle parts, and machinery in public view outside an enclosed building is prohibited.


~ Consider establishing fees for developers to reimburse costs directly incurred by the city. Details

~  Consider approving an exclusive franchise with Raw Inspiration to manage the Monrovia Farmers Market at Station Square. Details

- Brad Haugaard

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