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Statement of City Council Candidate Edward Belden

Hello Monrovia! I’m running for City Council because I care about the people of Monrovia and our future. I am an experienced leader who was raised in Monrovia and graduated from MHS. I know how special our small-town charm is and I want to give back to the community that has given me so much. My Grandmother was a school teacher in Monrovia, my grandfather was a pastor and ran a leprosy hospital in India, and my mother was a nurse. My family fueled my passion to serve, and now I’m ready to put my education and 20+ years of diverse experience and results to work for our Gem City.

 I’ve started and run a small business, worked for local and national non-profits, and served in City Government at the executive level. I know when government can be effective and when it can get in the way. I’ve raised $40 million for projects and programs, restored our mountains, revitalized neighborhoods, encouraged business innovation, created jobs, provided opportunities for underserved youth, and built infrastructure projects. I am the current President of the Monrovia Parks, Wilderness and Recreation Foundation, a Community Services Commissioner, and a MAP leader. When I am not working and volunteering, I love spending time with my wonderful wife and dog, especially in our Monrovia Parks.


These are challenging times and Monrovia needs experienced leaders on the City Council that from day one can address housing affordability, provide the resources for our police and fire departments, provide access to mental health and addiction resources, support clean air and clean reliable water, take care of our parks and open spaces, provide more opportunities for youth, and assist our existing small and large businesses to create more good jobs.


I will listen to the diverse voices and perspectives of Monrovia and work to make sure we have a safe, healthy, and prosperous community to Keep Monrovia Moving Forward. I ask for your support and vote. Please find out more at


  1. Since he has been on the City Council for awhile now, I would like to know what specific programs did he spearhead- not just “been a part of?” I’ll go check out his website & see if I can see!

  2. He actually is not and has not been on the city council but would likely be a refreshing change if elected.

  3. We need someone who will not chase titles or be more worried about what other cities are doing with the tiny houses and figure out what can be done for the betterment of Monrovia!