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City Manager Reports on Bradoaks School Fire

Firefighters visited Bradoaks children following fire.

City Manager Dylan Feik reports a cause has not yet been determined for the Bradoaks School fire and the investigation could last for days or even months. The fire caused major damage to a couple classrooms and damaged several others. Staff, teachers and administrators reorganized six new classrooms and two instructional area rooms for the students, and classes were back in session the following day. On Thursday, firefighters hung out with the kids to make sure everyone felt safe. 

Bradoaks PTA will host "80s Glow in the Dark Family Dance," and all proceeds will go towards rebuilding their classrooms. Tickets here.  Or, you may donate directly using Venmo, here.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Well, why not burn a school...the rot from proggressive Los Angeles continues to come east.

    1. Wait didn't you say you were leaving earlier? Dial-a-ride won't take you past the city limits?