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Information on Monrovia Mayoral and City Council Candidates

I invited all the candidates for Monrovia mayor and city council to submit statements, with a picture, about their candidacy for publication in MonroviaNow. Following the email invitation and two reminder emails, I received three statements, from mayoral candidate Becky Shevlin and council candidates Sergio Jimenez and Edward Belden by the Friday, Feb. 23, deadline. I did not receive statements from mayoral candidate Larry Spicer, or from council candidates Jesus Rojas or Antoinette Mushet. Voters can select one candidate for mayor and two candidates for city council.

Here are some links to candidate information:


Becky Shevlin: Statement - Website

Larry Spicer Website

City Council

Edward Belden: Statement - Website

Sergio Jimenez: Statement - Website

Antoinette Mushet - Website 

Jesus Rojas: No statement, no website found

Also, here is a report on the candidates' forum in MonroviaNow

And an introduction to the candidates in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune

- Brad Haugaard

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