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City Council: City Interested in North Monrovia Property; Streamlining Review of Multi-Family Dwellings; Raise Council Pay; Pat Ostrye - Neighborhood Treasure; Black History Month

On its next meeting day (main agenda here) the Monrovia City Council will ...

~ Discuss in a special closed meeting, "Price and Terms of Payment" for a hillside property virtually surrounded by houses in north Monrovia. In the same closed session it will review the performance of City Manager Dylan Feik. Details

~ Hold a study session on "proposed amendments to Monrovia municipal code: streamlining review of multifamily residential development in multiple-family residential and neighborhood commercial zones," (details), then vote on it in the regular City Council meeting. Details

~  Vote on whether to bump the City Council members' pay up from $400 to $1,275 per month, or $15,300 a year. The measure would raise the pay for the City Clerk and City Treasurer to the same level. Details.  

~  Vote weather to authorize $19,000 to create a Neighborhood Treasure Landmark honoring former Mayor Pat Ostrye. Details

~  Proclaim February as Black History Month. Details.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I see no reason to raise compensation of the Council, who are self-approving progressives who cannot learn from mistakes by others, such as relying on weather-dependent power sources to keep the lights on. The failure of this "ideal" and adoration of Gaia is well-documented, but apparently the message never got to the mensas on the City Council. Or they ignored it.

    Another reason to leave this place.