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Monrovia Auctioneer to Put Rare Apple-1 Computer on Block; Estimated worth - $400,000-600,000

Monrovia's John Moran Auctioneers will put a rare, hand-built Apple-1 computer on the auction block on November 9. The Apple-1, which belonged to Chaffey College, is estimated to be worth $400,000-600,000. 

This year marks the 45th birthday for Apple, the world's largest technology company, currently valued in the trillion-dollar range, and it all began with two Steve's, one garage, and Apple Computer 1, more commonly referred to as Apple-1. The company was created in 1976 when electronic engineer Steve Wozniak (b. 1950) teamed up with marketing guru and industrial designer Steve Jobs (1955-2011).  


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