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City Council to Consider Honoring Educator Who Desegregated Monrovia School

Proposed art honoring Romney.

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will consider ...

~  Spending up to $15,500 in Art in Public Places funds for a Neighborhood Treasure landmark post and art piece commemorating Almera Romney. The staff report (here: says:

"Over her 17-year tenure at Huntington Elementary School as a teacher and then principal, she fought her supervisor (who was also the school superintendent), her church, and the local newspaper to draw resources and attention to give Huntington Elementary Students a good education.

"Huntington Elementary was the segregated school that children of color in Monrovia were forced to attend. From 1946 to 1963, Ms. Romney was the driving force that transformed Huntington Elementary School from an under-resourced and physically unsafe school to a place where students thrived academically and socially. She ensured students not only felt safe and valued, but no longer had castoff books and unhealthy lunches."

~ Assisting the non-profit organization, Grow Monrovia, by purchasing 48 trees at $350 per tree for the organization to plant along Foothill Boulevard.

~ Modifying its cell phone tower regulations to reflect changes in technology.

- Brad Haugaard

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