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Mayoral Candidate Grollnek Endorses Mayoral Candidate Taylor

Stephen Grollnek is running for mayor of Monrovia in a three-way contest with incumbent Tom Adams and challenger Melissa Taylor. But what's weird is that he has lawn signs for Melissa Taylor (also running for mayor) in his front yard, and none for himself.


Grollnek told me that he was thinking of running for mayor but found out that if he was the only challenger that the city would have to pay 80-some thousand dollars for an election.

So at first he decided not to run, but then he heard that Melissa Taylor had filed to run, so the election was on regardless.

So he decided to run.

Then he met Taylor, found that they agreed "on everything except global warming," and decided she would make a good mayor.

So why not drop out?

He said at this point he can't get his name off the ballot, and besides he wants to be at the Feb. 5 candidates forum so he can publicly come out in favor of Taylor at that time.

(Note: With 10 comments on the Monrovia Now blog or MonroviaNow's Facebook page, I think I've met the requirement to publish this. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, it really doesn't matter.) 

- Brad Haugaard

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